21st March 2016

Melbourne landmark is rejuvenated with glass

If you live in Melbourne, you’ve probably driven by this quirky former motel in the shape of an octagon on Commercial Road in South Yarra.

If you’re not from Melbourne, then you’ve probably seen it on the hit television show, The Block.

Let’s be honest, at first glance it really did seem like the contestants had their work cut out for them. But there was one ace up the sleeve of this outdated mini Melbourne landmark – brilliant views and plenty of access to natural light.

So we knew right away, glass would play a vital role in the renovation. Fortunately, that glass turned out to be our LightBridge glass. 

Julian Brenchley, the key architect behind The Block, explained the role our glass had to play in this dramatic transition process. 

“The benefits of heat retention and low solar gain glass are very obvious. LightBridge has thermal properties over and above what you’d expect,” he said. 

LightBridge™ maximises the window space possible, helping open up modern homes to natural light and creating a real sense of spaciousness. 

“When people referred to high performance, environmentally rated, or sustainable glass, you’d think SuperGreen™, or one of those shades. I find the green, blue and grey tougher to realise. Now we have the opportunity to use clear glass that offers exceptional environmental performance. And we’re not changing the building colour,” he added.

LightBridge™ offers the clarity to suit a modern, more refined design, while still achieving a high level of energy performance.

This is one real estate transformation we’re particularly proud to be part of. However, it’s far from the only one! Subscribe to our Vision Magazine to stay up-to-date with the latest design trends: http://bit.ly/1NoHcTB