23rd April 2020

Loving Glass Series: Replacing your current windows with performance glass

We think performance glass should be accessible to everyone. Not only those who are building a new house, but also for those who are living in their current homes. 

Re-glazing existing window frames can be an effective solution for those who are finding their home (or certain parts of the home) too warm or cold in extreme months. 

Depending on your frame type or budget, double glazing may not be an option and films can be unsightly and ineffective. There may be a solution - single Low E glazing like SmartGlass.

Is there an 'entry level' energy efficient glass I can choose for replacement windows? 

Yes! If your current frames can't accommodate double glazing, or you have a limited budget, you may consider a single Low E coated glass. Low E glass is standard glass which contains a microscopic metal coating, this coating is applied to the glass as it comes off the float line so it is cooled on to the glass surface making it durable. 

The metal coating works to slow the absorption of outside temperatures, keeping the temperature inside more comfortable. It is not as thermally efficient as double glazing, but it can make a difference.

We suggest SmartGlass™  is a good place to start, find out more about SmartGlass™ here

Don't forget - to ensure effectiveness and durability you need to make sure the coated side of the glass is installed facing inside the home. We also have specific cleaning instructions here for you to keep your glass sparkling and looking great for years to come! 

Speak to your local window fabricator or glazier about using a product like SmartGlass™ for your home. Alternatively we also encourage you explore replacement glazing with double glazing like LightBridge next™ for added thermal and acoustic performance.

True story! 

Homeowner, Sharon, from Sydney shared her story with us! She recently had her ordinary window replaced with SmartGlass™. She said, 

"We had ordinary float glass windows which face west, unbearably hot in summer days.  We tried tinting which helped a little, but not enough, so we decided to retro-fit our current windows with SmartGlass. We are so happy with the result, we can enjoy the light with a lot less heat in the room. If you're renovating SmartGlass is definitely something to think about!" 


Before - Ordinary glass in original window from the outside with blinds drawn and dark film. 


After - Window replaced with SmartGlass™, view out from the inside.


Scott Clarkson is a Building Performance Expert and runs Clarkson Consulting, he explains more about SmartGlass™ and how it works. Take a look!