2nd March 2016

Geelong Library & Heritage Centre undergoes dramatic revival

Who would have thought that Geelong’s newest attraction would be a library?

But this isn’t just any library. Thanks to ARM Architecture’s brilliant vision, Geelong Library & Heritage Centre is now a rare civic design that stands out for all of the right reasons.

For ARM Architecture, it was the perfect place and time to answer the call from a city willing to embrace real design change. 

Naturally, glass played a vital role. If you were to stroll by the library, you’d see our PerformaTech glass folded, origami style into towering walls of transparency and reflection. 

Wayne Sanderson, ARM architect, shared his enthusiasm for the project and the role glass had to play.

“The glazing has a very crystalline, jewel-like quality. That’s highlighted by the polished stainless steel on the leading edge of the glazing. This sits well with the eroded glass, reinforced concrete skin that reveals the magnificent crystalline, stepped arrangement,” he said.

The refracted light from the mirror strips on the façade looks like ribbons of light. The glass reinforced concrete skin acts as a canvas to create a beautiful look.

With innovative glazing solutions enhancing natural light and space, the design achieved a welcoming atmosphere – an essential component for creating a community hub.

“Glass is a key component with any contemporary building. The extent of glazing and its performance is vital. Glass has two key roles here: the zigzag form of the glazing was a conscious decision to assist with the environmental performance. By rotating the glazing away from the west, it faces the north-west and south west, the glazing system is more efficient. It acts as a mirrored, reflective surface and some of the quality of light internally is from incidental reflection,” Wayne said.

“It is truly a community building. Regardless of the amount of input, time or any other effort, every person involved in the building of the library has their name inscribed into the building facade. Each one of more than 1,200 people involved is included, so it is truly a community building,” he added.

We’re so thrilled to have been part of this amazing revamp! But the design transformations we’re involved in stretch even further. To see more incredible examples of our glass in action, subscribe to our Vision magazine here: http://bit.ly/1NoHcTB