Contemporary decor is all about incorporating subtle decorative touches. Our MirraCloud™ range is the perfect addition to any stylish design.

The range combines the best features of LuminaCloud™ and MirraEcho™ – offering a metallic finish and diffused light reflection.

DecorSating Mirror 1 Create Beautiful Spaces

Create Beautiful Spaces

Decoratively enhance your space with MirraCloud™. The silver coating delivers a stylish metallic finish, suitable to complement contemporary decor.

DecorSating Mirror 2 Illuminate Spaces

Illuminate Your Space

Enjoy spacious natural lighting with MirraCloud™ providing high light reflectance of up to 92% and offering diffused light reflection rather than a specular reflection.

DecorSating Mirror 3 Safety Security

Long-lasting Durability

MirraCloud™ is produced with two coats of special backing paint, offering additional protection to the silver coating.

Diagram Acid Etching

Acid Etch

MirraCloud™ features a high quality acid etch treatment, silvered after the acid etch process to the non acid etched side.

Diagram Mirror


MirraCloud™ offers diffused light reflection without being spectrally reflective.

Technical Specifications

  • Wall panels and wall features
  • Furniture
  • Maximum Size: 3210 x 2250mm

MirraCloud™ has been silvered after the acid etch process to the non acid etched side

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