We’re a proud member of the CSR family. CSR is the name behind some of Australia’s most trusted and recognised brands in commercial and residential building products.

Meet some of our siblings and see why we’re such a proud bunch:

AFS Walling Solutions™
Over almost 20 years AFS Walling Solutions™ has earned a reputation for supplying innovative walling solutions coupled with a genuine commitment to service excellence.

Bradford™ Insulation Solutions

A leading manufacturer of premium energy saving insulation products with world class engineering knowledge, R&D, technical and customer service skills.

Ceilector™ Ceiling Systems
Ceilector™ Ceiling Systems supply a full range of commercial ceilings for all building types, designed to support any job no matter the size or complexity.

Cemintel™ Fibre Cement Systems
Focused on providing innovation through design, Cemintel™ offers a wide variety of fibre cement solutions for residential and commercial applications.

Edmonds™ Ventilation Solutions

Edmonds™ is a leader in providing high-quality energy efficient ventilation products for the home and the workplace.

Gyprock™ Plasterboard
Australia's leading manufacturer of plasterboard, Gyprock make a comprehensive range of high quality products for plastering and beyond.

Hebel® Aerated Concrete Solutions

Hebel® building materials are a better way to build and a beautiful way to live. Rendered finishes, clean architectural lines, better design and eco-friendly.

Monier™ Roof Tiles
Monier™ deliver performance, colour and style to enhance any home design which is why they’ve been Australia’s leading roof tile brand for over 40 years.

PGH™ Bricks and Pavers
PGH™ Bricks & Pavers are focussed on offering customers the broadest, most colourful range of quality clay bricks and pavers alongside service excellence.