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Viridian Solar Control with Low E

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Developed in Australasia for our environmental conditions and energy efficiency measures

The Viridian Solar Control™ with Low E range provides excellent solar control with higher insulation than standard glass. They are a combination of solar control glass and coatings with the option of additional solar control interlayers. This glass range is designed for applications where high daylight transmission is required without reflectivity plus moderate to high solar control and insulation to reduce heat loss. Recognised as a simple and effective solution to balancing design objectives with Energy Code requirements.

Multi-function glass combinations

The Viridian™ Low E range is not just limited to the standard products listed – it can be further processed to include:

  • Viridian Renew™ self cleaning glass
  • Thicker interlayers for additional security and strength
  • Improved noise control by incorporating special noise reducing interlayers

Viridian Low E glass – the foundation for better solar control and insulation

Viridian uses the latest advances in coating technology to vary the solar transmission component of the Low E coating for each product range. The unique properties of Low E coatings allow the glass to retain very high daylight transmission and act as a barrier to the absorbed heat in the glass, reflecting it outside for better solar control.

Further to this, the Low E coating increases insulation by reflecting heat from inside the building back into the building to reduce energy loss through the glass. The increase in insulation from the Low E coating is not an option to prevent surface condensation, in these situations Viridian ThermoTech™ should be considered.

Whilst PerformaTech E™ can only be supplied as part of fully encapsulated Viridian ThermoTech™ IGU, other products in the range can be glazed monolithically or as a laminate, with the coating facing the inside of the building only.

Monolitic Low E options can only be glazed as part of the building envelope with the coated surface to the interior.

When the product is supplied with the coating glazed to the inside of the building, the presence of the coating may be detected as it possesses a different appearance and surface characteristics to uncoated glass.

If the relevant product within the range is glazed with the coating exposed to the inside of the building, whilst the coating is very durable, specific handling and cleaning instructions do apply. In such circumstances please refer to the cleaning section on the Viridian website.

Low E coated products exhibit a natural haze characteristic which may be noticeable when the glass is in direct sun or viewed against a dark background. This is not a fault with the glass but simply a characteristic of the Low E coating.

Solar Control with Low E


  • EnergyTech
  • SolTech
  • EVantage
    Solar control Low E on toned glass substrates
  • SmartGlass
    Affordable, residential energy efficient glass
  • ComfortPlus
    Low E laminated glass
  • EnviroShield Performance
    Incorporates an additional high performance solar control interlayer for outstanding solar control and daylight transmission. This range also incorporates other customised performance laminates
  • PerformaTech E
    A new addition to the Viridian Energy glass range providing an exceptional balance of high light transmission, low SHGC and very low ‘u’ values


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