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ComfortPlus™ has long been recognised as Australasia’s leading Low E performance laminate. Initially ComfortPlus was designed as a residential range of Low E laminates. Over time, ComfortPlus has been used increasingly in commercial applications.

The Viridian ComfortPlus™ range has now been expanded. There are now more products to choose from. Within the Low E laminate range, ComfortPlus is a high performance glass solution that can be used to maximise a buildings’ glazing potential by bringing in the outside world while complying with the Building Codes’ provisions for energy efficiency.


The ComfortPlus range of laminated glass has been developed to meet specifiers’ objectives of transparency and high performance solar control with low reflection. Equally, it economically manages the heat of summer and the cold of winter. It incorporates a solar control component that in summer reduces the sun’s heating, glare and UV fading of interior furnishings. In winter, the ComfortPlus coating provides thermal insulation and reduces heat loss through the glass by over 30% when compared to standard glass, without heavy tinting or reflective mirror-like coatings that reduce natural light.


ComfortPlus is not designed to prevent surface condensation and its insulating capacity is reduced should this occur. Viridian Thermotech™ is recommended in these situations.

ComfortPlus Clear 82 is designed for cold climates. The ComfortPlus range features a selection of colours, daylight transmission and solar performance with low-external reflectivity similar to that of standard float glass.

Samples should be viewed by designers and building energy professionals consulted for suitability. Where colour consistency is important only use one thickness. For large projects, please consult with Viridian.™

The placement of air-conditioning vents adjacent to and directed on the internal glass surface coating, may reduce the performance of the product.

Please note that the presence of haze may be perceived under certain lighting conditions.

Features and benefits

ComfortPlus is a laminated safety glass for use in windows and doors that form part of the building fabric, available in clear, neutral, grey, green or translucent, and is manufactured with a permanent transparent coating which must be glazed to the inside of the building. As with all monolithic Low E products, it is not appropriated that ComfortPlus be used where the coated surface is permanently exposed to the exterior.

  • Summer and winter performance through the unique combination of solar control glass and coating.
  • High daylight transmission up to 76%.
  • Solar control – up to 70% of solar heat transmission is eliminated.
  • Thermal insulation – a 30% improvement in U Value over standard glass means less heat is transmitted.
  • Fading reduction – ComfortPlus reduces UV radiation by 99%, increasing the life of furnishings by 8.5 times.
  • Safety – ComfortPlus is a Grade A safety glass. It reduces the potential for injury and if broken remains in place.
  • Noise – the ComfortPlus laminate reduces voice noise by 13% and traffic noise by 24% when compared to standard 3mm glass. Sun glare can be reduced by using ComfortPlus Grey 40.
  • Self cleaning – can be combined with Renew self cleaning glass.
  • Security – thicker interlayers are available for increased resistance to physical attack.
  • Privacy – ComfortPlus Translucent addresses the concerns for privacy of homeowners, providing a solution for overlooking.
  • Cleaning.
  • Warranty.



  • Apartments
  • Retail
  • Office buildings
  • Institutional and social buildings
  • Hotels
  • Where solar control and insulation are required in a single glass, ComfortPlus provides excellent daylight transmission and low reflection for houses and apartments

Maximum size

  • 3660 x 2440mm
  • 5100 x 3210mm

How to specify

See download document below.


How to Specify

Warranty Details

Cleaning Details

Product Information Sheet


Colour variation may be apparent in differing thickness.
Not all thickness available to 5100 x 3210mm.
Thermal assessment may be required for ComfortPlus.

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